A Warm Welcome.

I LOVE the English Language and am very passionate about helping individuals from all kinds of learning backgrounds to learn, understand, perfect and ultimately LOVE communicating in the English Language. I am an online English Tutor to Children and Adults and currently in the process of starting my own English tutoring school. Currently completing my Bachelor of Business Administration in Marketing Management as well. I believe there are NO LIMITS to learning, and challenging yourself to successfully communicate the «Language of the World» is a goal I am dedicated to help every student accomplish, no matter the circumstance or stage you are at.

I am patient and very determined to help with achieving learning goals as well as a versatile teacher that adapts according to the pace and learning ability of each individual student.

I am experienced with one on one Online English Teaching, I believe focusing on an individuals specific learning requirements, especially in learning English is essential to achieve the ultimate goal of perfecting all English Communication Skills. I have 5 Years of English Teaching Experience both Online and private — of all ages as well as TEFL Certified.

I am here to actively help, tackle and achieve your individual learning goals and cannot wait to meet your learning needs to help you challenge yourself to be the best version of yourself:)