Demo business lesson. Case study из курса Business English

You  are going to attend a conference on customer care at the Seagreen HotelMiamiFlorida (US)

You decided to take a plane. What factors do you consider when choosing an airline? Explain your choice

  • fares
  • safety
  • age of planes
  • schedules
  • convenience of airports
  • number of destinations
  • equipment


Seagreen HotelMiamiFlorida (US)
Locationseafrontclose to beach
Accesshalf an hour from airportnoshuttle service
Conference facilities: one conferenceroom (capacity 200)two meetingroomsa large lounge (capacity 60 people) — could be used for workshops ifnecessary
Bedroomssmallall with sea viewswell-designed with modern furniture
Leisure facilitiesOlympic-size swimming poolgift shopart gallerysmallfitness centre (not much equipment)
Price$2,200 per participantincluding meals and all entertainment
Restaurantspacious (capacity 250)mainly Spanish and Mexican dishesfamous Hispanic chef.
Entertainmentlocal musicians and singerslively and noisy at night
Guest reviewsexcellent servicebusiness centre — limited hours

At the hotel restaurant you meet Ros Pomeroy.

Couple words about Ros.

Find out two things you have in common.


Let’s revise the vocabulary of greetings and small talk

Choose a more suitable response to each of the expressions

1. Ros, do you know Nik?

2. Nice to meet you.

3. How's business?

4. Could I use one of your PCs to check my e-mail?

5. Would you like to have lunch somewhere?


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